Steering / Suspension

Star Mazda Update Package 2009/2010
(Rockers / Ohlins TTX36 / Front and Rear Wings)

 This update was introduced to update the aerodynamics and suspension package. The update includes the new Gen II rockers, Ohlins TTX36 dampers, and wings. 

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Star Mazda Technical Rocker Memo Jan 2012:

 “The Pro Formula Mazda has undergone numerous changes to its suspension package over the past few years. Each change was made based on the feedback and needs of our teams and competitors. For the 2012 season, the suspension package will undergo another change with the introduction of the 2012 Front and Rear Rocker.

 The issues addressed by the teams could be summarized by an in congruency in the relationship between the tire, the rocker and the damper causing the tuning and comfort window to narrow. Star Race Cars addressed the need for a wider tuning window by examining and testing the effecting elements. The element that made the most positive influence on opening up the tuning window was a front and rear rocker change.

 The rocker ratios both front and rear were reduced so that the outcome provided a linear ground between the original ratios and those introduced in 2010. The same fast and slow attribute for the front and rear anti-roll bar links was maintained. Below are the motion ratios compared to the original and recent rockers as well as the graphs indicating the trend.”

Motion Ratio Table


 Generation 3 Rocker Update Kit 2012


Ohlins Damper Rebuilds

 We can rebuild and repair your Ohlin TTX36 dampers. Star Race Cars is an authorize Ohlins service and sales center. Annual rebuilds cost 350 USD and include new oil, new piston scrubs, and new O-rings. Also, included is a shock dyno to insure the damper performs peak level. Contact us today for your damper needs.

 Wishbone Parts 

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